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International Relations

As part of Baker Tilly International, the firm has the access and the availability of accounting firms from around the world that belong to our international network. This provides us with the additional tools to provide international service at the highest possible level.

Eyal Horowitz, the firm's CEO and Chairman served, until recently as Chairman of Europe, Middle East and Africa region of Baker Tilly International. As part of his role, Eyal became familiar with the international markets and the forces acting on them. Eyal now serves as an international expert and commentator on changes and events in the Israeli and international markets, and brings this expertise to the firm. Eyal heads the professional team of the firm's international division, and the desks that it maintains in various countries around the world.

The Division operates through desks in several countries around the world. The desks specialize in accounting, international transactions, public issues, local taxation and international transfer pricing.