Small Medium Businesses are 97% of the business in Israel. In today's competitive reality, advanced financial tools, knowledge of experts and quality financial support are required in order to maintain the ability of the business to develop and grow.

We aim to lead revolutionary concept of service and professional consultancy to SMEs in Israel and introduce new worldview in the relationship between business and their accountant. In pursuit of this vision, we established the SMB division that specializes in providing financial support and accounting services to small and medium businesses- headed by Baker Tilly. We understand that in these days, the auditor should serve as a proactive financial partner and be a "finger on the pulse" and have the ability to approach creatively all aspects of the financial conduct of the business. To maintain health, stability and growth of the business over time, a comprehensive look at the quality and functionality of all its operating systems is required. In order to realize its potential for growth, the business needs to keep all systems functioning optimally.

Healthy businesses are strong business!

In order to maintain and strengthen the financial health of its customers, our SMB experts developed a unique interactive tool exclusively based on our professional knowledge and expertise. The tool allows any business owner to review and analyze in a simple and friendly way, at any time the financial health of his business in four key parameters: profitability, credit and collection, human resources and business development. In addition, the tool allows to characterize in a measurable way the financial abilities of the business up today and to quantify and diagnose its competitive capacity in the future.