Risk management

Risk management essential for any responsible manager or CEO. Intelligent, efficient and effective, risk management, can help dealing with the organization's exposure to risks that can cause serious and sometimes even fatal damage.

Being attentive to the needs of its customers, Baker Tilly has recently established a Risk Management Department. The Department specializes in comprehensive risk analysis, with emphasis on operational risk management, fraud and embezzlement risks, identifying risks and managing them through control systems.

The Department has the professional ability to integrate risk management with the other professional departments in Baker Tilly, which specialize in various fields such as internal audit, tax, financial advice and more. This ensures that risk management will be maintained at the highest professional levels.

Risk management is carried out in several stages and is tailored to each organization according to size:

  • Risk Survey
  • Detection and Risk Assessment
  • Examination of Processes at risk
  • Recommendations
  • Building risk management systems
  • Consulting and advising